photo of P.W. Matthews

Telephone : (347) 461-0760

My preferred contact method is by phone.

Unlike most lawyers I try my hardest to answer my phone myself. Also I take calls after business hours and on weekends. Texts are good too.


Please be advised that I may only check my emails once or twice a day. Also many emails go to my spam folder and I rarely check the junk mail folder.

Skype Live: attorneyinnyc

I like skype because everyone has it. If they don’t have it it is free and super easy to get it. It is also the simplest and easiest platform to use. Unfortunately Microsoft is in the process of phasing out skype in favor of Microsoft Teams a platform that is much more technologically advanced, but also much more complicated to use.

Temporary address:

73-44 Austin Street, Suite 4S, Forest Hills, NY 11375

Because of COVID, even though I have maintained a Manhattan office for over 20 years, I have not been able to use my Manhattan office since March 2020, and am now exploring office options in Long Island City, only 1 subway stop from Manhattan. This will allow me to drive or even bike to the office. Unfortunately massive subway and other mass transit cutbacks are expected due to NYC budget shortfalls due to COVID.